KnoCard was birthed from a long held vision of founder and CEO Rob Pickering. As a child Rob was inspired by a futuristic model of what we now know as the cell phone, and he somehow knew he would use this device of the future to help others.

Fast forward many years... mobile phones are a mainstay throughout the world. Millions of small business owners are trying to use their phones to market their businesses. And too many are failing.

Rob's vision was met with an opportunity which he seized, and the race was on. Every birth is preceded by labor pains, and KnoCard endured an incredibly long, painful labor.

Along with Kathy Jodrey, Rob met every trial with faith and conviction. With an understanding that this project belonged to God, there was peace in knowing that their dreams would manifest in God's perfect timing. His promises were delivered years after KnoCard was founded, providing a tool that will truly make a difference in the world.

With 25 years in the sales industry, Rob knew first hand about the daily challenges faced by sales people. Although there were a variety of marketing channels available, they were all disjointed and most offered no separation between business and personal life. Many entrepreneurs were held back by fear of rejection. Most found themselves spending great deals of their valuable time chasing sales that never closed. Some of their leads were even directed to competitors by the very platform they had turned to for help in driving sales.

With a true understanding of the pains endured by his fellow sales people, Rob created this all-in-one mobile marketing platform called KnoCard.

Since inception, KnoCard has evolved into a first of its kind marketing app that will take the business world by storm. Sales people will benefit from a platform that is solely devoted to business. No family pics, no politics, no drama. Instead, a tool that combines all of the disjointed elements of an ever-growing number of single solutions. KnoCard offers tap to locate/contact, photos, videos, business page/posts, external links, integration with existing contacts, messaging, simple sharing, lead generation, and reporting. All at a price that every business owner can afford. A place that will never serve competitors ads or information.

Our goal is to help set people free financially, in trying financial times... but it drives even deeper. Our world is in a state of tremendous spiritual need; which is where KnoHim Ministries comes in.

KnoHim utilizes KnoCard to help spread the Truth based on solid biblical principals. We will use a 2 part approach; teaching and giving. The KnoHim app will include well-vetted resources combined into video playlists focused on various subjects. This will be our part to help spread the message of Jesus Christ, but it's only the beginning.

KnoCard has launched in the U.S. Puerto Rico and Canada, and is positioned for international expansion within a year. We have committed to donating a portion of every sale to KnoHim Ministries. KnoHim will utilize 100% of the donations to sow into other ministries throughout the world. In times of great need KnoHim will be a blessing from God, for:

"To whom much is given, much will be required"
(Luke 12:48).

We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals and welcome you to be fed by KnoHim. Welcome, and God bless!