Connect Your World
The only business tool you'll ever need

KnoCard is the ULTIMATE solution to GROW and EXPOSE your business. BYE-BYE BUSINESS CARDS!!

$20 plus $10/month

Managed Simplicity for those ON-THE-GO


Toss those business cards and get your KnoCard. Our design studio will allow you to create your own, saving you from the expense of website design and update fees. One -Time charge, with no Monthly obligation.


Share your card with the world. Our share feature allows you to seamlessly share your KnoCard. Show everyone you meet the way you build your brand and business and be prepared for some incredible feedback!


Try our exclusive refer feature. This feature will help build your business by providing others with a way to help expose your business. Did you know that 78% of all referrals die on the spot? NO MORE!

Track and Report

Each and every time you Share or Refer, your contacts' information is tracked and reported. All the information you submit through a KnoCard form gets stored in the cloud. Simple and Safe!

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Design Studio is MORE THAN FUN

We're excited about giving you the opportunity to make your card all about you. We have created an amazing, simple to use creation studio, designed with ease in mind. We want you to feel the simplicity right from the start. Your design studio allows you to quickly move from page to page, updating your information in seconds. The beautiful benefit of our service is that once you revise your information, it is instantly updated across all devices. Contacts that have received your KnoCard will see your updates in REAL-TIME.

Lets us HELP you GROW your Business

Check out the many services designed to IGNITE your business. We have the BEST MOBILE solutions to Share and Expose your company to the WORLD.


KnoCard prides itself on the endless options and features available. Are you involved with social media? No problem, simply connect all your sites to your card. Are you into video and have a YouTube account?, Add your links. KnoCard is an all in one solution connecting the everyday services you use....into one single platform.

Overview Videos

Overview Videos displays a series of videos in a manner designed to walk leads into the buying process. The platform reports each viewer's opt in information (name, phone, email) and helps you understand their interests by tracking how many times they viewed each of your videos. No more wasting time on the "nos".

How it Works

KnoCard is now the ONLY tool you need to share everything about you and your business. When you meet a prospect, just click your share icon and add their information. Press Send.. WALA; they receive a text with your KnoCard link. All your information is passed on effectively and naturally. The information is stored in your database, completely secure in the cloud.


The KnoCard Back Office is where all of the goodies are stored, including all of the contact information captured by your share, referral and overview videos submissions. This data is essential in helping you succeed! Security is never an issue; all data is stored through our cloud-based service.


Are you a small business? Are you looking to expand your business and need just a little bit of help? Try out KnoCard's consulting service. Our consultants are experts in the mobile industry. They know technology and they know how to explode your business. Take us up on our FREE Consultation.

Co Branding

Our co-branding option provides you with a KnoCard that focuses 100% on Your company branding. KnoCard logos are completely excluded to allow your brand to sit front and center. Ask our specialist how this service works. Simple, Fast and cost effective.

KnoCard is all about DATA...Your most important asset!

  • Real time data & reporting
  • Reports share & referral information
  • Displays each visitor's video views
  • Endless Mobile options to help build your business

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Options are ENDLESS with KNOCARD

The gallery below displays just a few designs we have created. These designs are customizable to you and the industry you are in. Jump into our DESIGN STUDIO and have a ball.


Auto Sales

Health and Beauty



Mortgage Broker


Personal Training